Running a business isn’t as easy as everyone makes it out to be. People look at you and admire how lucky you are. Luck has shit to do with it – it’s hard work and a lot of stress. But what if I said Tradie Troopers could take most of that away?

I have a really simply way of setting up the back end of your business to keep it like a well oiled, lean mean business machine!

You will have money put away for income tax, employee tax, superannuation and even GST! You won’t ever worry about finding money to pay these bills again.

All your invoices and purchases can be stores in our online facility. If you can take a selfie, then you can use this app – you don’t need a business degree.

You won’t lose another invoice again, in fact, you won’t need to go everywhere looking for it either. You just need to know how to spell if you want to find it.

Do you think this sounds like something you could use?