MARIA CAVALLAROCommander in Chief

The ultimate day for me is to help tradies create better businesses that earn them more money while doing more of what they love. Business can be a battleground but there is nothing better than successfully working together to finally pay off the mortgage to the family home. It’s a thrill to let him know he has enough money in the bank to buy that dream boat he has wanted for years.


I love giving my tradies the peace of mind that they have the money put aside each month to pay his income, tax, employee tax, superannuation, GST, everything that he needs to have a thriving trade business. Even after more than 20 years in business I still feel blessed to be working with amazing tradies who are making a real difference in the work that they do.

Sandy BaissariLieutenant

I come from a family of tradies. My dad drives trucks and my brothers all have thriving trade businesses too.

I know the benefits of building a better business but even still, too many tradies do it tough.

It doesn’t have to be that way though, not with the strategies and systems we use here at Tradie Troopers.

Tim HeineckeLieutenant

As the son of a carpet layer I know first hand how hard our clients work. School holidays for me was spent sweeping and setting underlay and smooth edge so I find it a privilege to help other tradies to earn more so they can spend more time with their children.