Tradie Troopers helped me grow from a one-man business to 5 staff with 4 vans on the road.

I have built a new house and even bought myself my dream sportscar, a McLaren.‘

Rony Zoghbi Redic Technologies

What can I say? Tradie Troopers has helped my business in so many ways.

I know how much I have got in the bank and I have so much more control over the financial health of my business.‘

Peter Naudi

Since joining Trades Troopers my business has never looked better. The paper work is so much easier, I get paid sooner and everything is much more straight forward.

Maria and her team are very knowledgable and I know that she works to help build my business and not just so that she can bill me like other accountants. She has certainly put me on the right path financially.

Business is so much better since working with her.‘

Andrew Refalo AHI Doors and Screens

Before I started working with Maria and her team at Tradie Troopers, nearly half of my customers paid me late.
Now we have a process of deposits being paid when the job is booked, and I haven’t stressed about money in years.’


In my first meeting at Tradie Troopers I learnt more about business than I had in the seven years I’d had my company.
There are so many potential risks in my tradie business like insurance and compliance that I thought I had a handle on and then realised things change every year and there was no way I could keep on top of it. Now i don’t need to – I meet Maria every second month and she has everything under control.’

Peter Precision Building

My wife used to do my books, and she did a good job but we were always falling behind because she was trying to fit it in between her job and the kids.
With Tradie Troopers managing all of the bookkeeping and cashflow, we were able to take time off over Christmas and I knew the cashflow was managed and I could relax for once.’


I laugh when I think back to my first meeting with Maria, she told me to stop talking bullshit and to face the reality – if I didn’t change the way I was running my business I was going to have to close it.
Now nine months later we have processes in place to ensure we invoice the day a job is complete, we follow up for on-time payments, and we have a new website with a job booking system built into it that is like a full-time Sales Rep.’

Adam BTM Electrical