I started my first business under unusual circumstances in 1999. I was out to prove a point, that I could be successful in my own right. That was my ultimate goal? But what is success? How do you measure it?

As far as I am concerned, success is achieving your goals. Whatever that goal might be. It can as simple as paying off your credit card, to saving for a deposit on your first home, or buying that investment property or that car or boat you have been dreaming of.

I can guarantee you that having Tradie Troopers behind you will achieve your goal of spending more quality time with your girlfriend, wife or your precious kids. Imagine being able to just have that time to go to Fathers Day brunch at school, or go fishing with the boys on a Friday?

Honestly fellas, weigh up what is important in your life. Is it killing yourself trying to be everything in your business or is it about working with Tradie Troopers to grab that dream and make it a reality? Imagine having a business partner you can worth with without having to split your profits in half? Bloody hell, where do you get a deal like that these days?

Just remember one thing, when you achieve your first goal, make sure you have another dozen in front of you to drive you and your business moving forward.