We all know that you Tradies invoice whenever you have time!!!!

Well, that’s just causing you issues with your cash flow.

Then all of a sudden, when shit hits the fan and you have no money, and suppliers accounts are at their limit, that’s when you decide to put your head down and ass up trying to get all your invoicing done.

That’s when you are trying to remember what you did on what day. How long where you there for…… some days you can’t even remember. And there are times you are invoicing weeks or even months after the job was completed. Don’t feel embarrassed, you are not the only one.

You’re feeling a little hesitant in sending them off, are customers going to get shitty they are receiving their invoices now? Do you look inefficient?

Guess what?

Tradie Troopers can sort this out too.

What if I told you that you can look at what job you have done on what day. Or even have a record of photos taken at each job, schedule your workers for the week? Sounds too good to be true? We have the solution.

Now, you need to work out who owes you money? Where do you start. Maybe you need to go through your invoices and match them to your bank account. That’s a start. I often wonder how much money a Tradie loses in collecting their money from jobs they have finished?

I have had situations where Tradies have lost tens of thousands of dollars simply by not knowing who has paid them!!! It’s something I see all the time and it absolutely pains me to see how much money is being lost from all your hard work! It’s not right especially when you work so hard.

I’ve got your back. A list of customers who owe you money updated every day. I can even chase your bad debtors too.