Without your troops, you can’t grow your business. You need to organise them, train them, mentor them. You need to be their lieutenant.

Are there times when you feel like a failure in their eyes because you can’t get the simple things right with them. Do you pay them on time? Are they paid correctly? Do you have time to call Fair Work and learn all the rules and regulations. How silly do you feel when your troops are telling you?

Oh and don’t forget you need to send them their payslips each week. Do you get the time to even send them let alone pay them when you get home from a full day from work?

When is superannuation due? Is it monthly or quarterly? Do you know the deadline for payment? What happens if you don’t pay it on time? How much trouble can you get into? Did you put the money away for it?

These days you need to pay your superannuation through a new method called superstream.

By the way, Simple Touch Payroll needs to be in place if you have less than 20 staff by 30 June 2018. Are you getting ready? You are meant to be compliant now.

How on earth are you supposed to be in business and know that all this stuff needs to be done?

Did I mention you need to pay their PAYG Withholding Tax either monthly or quarterly as well. This can really add up and become quite a shock at the end of the quarter when you have to add it into your BAS. Many Tradies get GST shock.

This can leave you feeling gutted and feeling really worried about where you are going to get the money from. Sometimes you will need to get into a payment plan with the ATO and by the time you pay it off, the next BAS is due!

Tradie Troopers to the rescue AGAIN! We can run your payroll EACH week, send your payslips, Put your employees tax & superannuation away. We’ve got your back